Professional Scissors Brands in Canada

The best hairdressing scissor and barber shear brands for professionals in Canada. Scissor brands including Yasaka, Joewell, Juntetsu, Ichiro and more!

Feather Japan logo

Feather Japan

Feather Japanese Razors
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Feather is a popular brand for Canadian hairdressers and barbers that manufacture styling and texturizing razors, and the best shaving razors and blades.

The best bla...

Ichiro Scissors logo

Ichiro Scissors

Japanese Steel
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Ichiro Scissors is a professional hairdressing scissor brand that is available in Japan, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealandand more!

They focus on creating high-qual...

Jaguar Scissors logo

Jaguar Scissors

Japanese Steel
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Jaguar is a popular hairdressing scissor and barber shear brand that manufactures high-quality tools from German steel.

Famous for their wide range of different hair ...

Joewell Scissors logo

Joewell Scissors

Famous Japanese Brand
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Joewell is reputable international scissor brand that produces hair shears from Japanese Steel.

Famous for thei...

Juntetsu Scissors logo

Juntetsu Scissors

Japanese Steel
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Juntetsu is a professional scissor brand that has been used by hairdressers and barbers all across the world.

They focus on simple handcrafted professional hair sciss...

Yasaka Scissors logo

Yasaka Scissors

Popular Japanese Brand
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Yasaka is a well-known scissor brand that produces high-quality hair cutting shears at affordable prices.

Each pair is has a unique design for professionals that prot...