Yasaka Scissors

Yasaka is a well-known scissor brand that produces high-quality hair cutting shears at affordable prices.

Each pair is has a unique design for professionals that protects them ergonomically, and also allows for ultra-sharp haircutting motions.

The premium Japanese steel on Yasaka Scissors allows for each blade to hold an ultra-sharp clam-shaped edge.

The clam-shaped edge is perfect for slice haircutting techniques.

Find out why Canadian hairdressers and barbers choose Yasaka Scissors for their haircutting, thinning and texturizing tools!

Yasaka Seiki Co., Ltd produces the best quality, affordable Japanese cutting scissors as well as barber shears available in Canada.

Yasaka Scissors Summary

  • Made with Japanese Steel
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Convex Edge Blades
  • Price Range Between $300-600
  • Available sizes: 4.5", 5", 5.5", 6, 6.5", 7" 7".
  • Models Traditional, Offset, Traditional, Dry. DRY W, Barber and Barber, Barber, Lefty and SM550

Yasaka Seiki Scissors has a long history of producing top quality scissors. However they also have a reputation for making affordable shears for the everyday barber and hairdresser. Yasaka is dedicated to providing top-quality Japanese scissors at a reasonable price, ranging between $300 and $600.

Yasaka's shears made of high quality steel can be sharpened by their convex edge blades. They are able to be resistant to corrosion and abrasion and will last between 20-30 year when they are maintained. For professional Hairdressers and Barbers in Canada, they are manufactured using the highest quality Japanese Craftsmanship.

Yasaka Shears Yasaka Shears: Your Go-to Source

Scissor Hub is Canada's number one source for Yasaka scissors! Yasaka hair cutting scissors and shears have been the preferred choice for hairdressers and barbers for more than 40 years. They are well-respected for their quality, durability and long-lasting cutting.

Are Yasaka Shears Good?

Yes! They are top quality shears and are known for consistency. They are a leading Japanese brand in Canada and are priced at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.

What are the materials used to make the blades?

Yasaka scissors use the finest quality stainless steel. Yasaka scissors are made of high-quality iron. Iron is extremely resistant to wear and corrosion.

How can I take proper care of my Yasaka Scissors

Yasaka scissors Japanese high-end hair cutting tools, are manufactured by Yasaka. Although they're cheaper than other Japanese brands, they are still a large and important investment and if you maintain them correctly, you can keep them in the best condition and last longer! Here are some suggestions on how to take care of Yasaka scissors so that they last a long time.

1. Make sure they are tidy

The scissors you use should be clean between haircuts. You should clean your scissors after every use with an absorbent cloth. This is for hygiene reasons and to ensure that the blades are clear. Make sure to clean them before putting them away in the case as well. It's not recommended to have product or hair in the blades.

2. Lubricate your scissors daily to avoid corrosion.

If you apply the oil for cutting hair at least once a day, you will keep them safe from moisture and corrosion and will keep the hair and the product from accumulating. Hair cutting oil should be utilized!

3. In order to preserve your scissors over an extended period of time, you want to get them a good quality case to store them and provide protection.

Store them clean and dry and with the blades completely closed to avoid cutting or dulling. Be kind and gentle when handling them! They can become damaged if they are handled with aggression or are tossing around.

4. Keep your eyes sharp

Many people believe that you should sharpen your hair-cutting scissors every 6 to 12 months. However, we recommend sharpening them whenever they feel a little dull. It is best to stay clear of cutting hair using dull Yasaka scissors...keeping their sharpness is key to giving the best haircuts.

5. Make sure you check the tension every day.

A good tip to maintain the high quality of your Japanese hair cutting scissors is to regularly check the tension to ensure that you are giving the best and cleanest haircuts.

Scissor Hub Canada is your best option to purchase Yasaka Shears! We only partner with the top brands to ensure our customers are happy and get the most enjoyable experience. Find out more about our Yasaka scissors collection by contacting us now!

Yasaka Models

Yasaka hairdressing scissors are affordable and have sharp cutting. They begin at $300 in Canada. The handles have distinctive engravings that give the model a more comfortable grip. They have a convex shape blade that has an offset ergonomics, professional tension, and smooth cutting motions.

Let's look at the various models of Yasaka Scissors.

Yasaka Offset Scissor

  • Price: From $349 to 600 per Offset Pair
  • Sizes : 5", 6" and 5.5"
  • Types: Cutting
  • Steel: ATS314 Cobalt Steel
  • Rating
  • Review "The Yasaka brand has been a well-known brand in Canada for over 40 years, as a top-quality Japanese hairdressing device. The Yasaka Offset Handle Scissors is their flagship cutting shear model. The lightweight design and ergonomic shape is perfect for professional hairdressers who work all day long in Canada. They also have sharp convex edge blades with a clam shape and Japanese tension adjustors to ensure smooth cutting motions. We rate the Yasaka Onset Handle Shears 4/5 stars due to their ergonomics that are professional, their toughness sharp convex edge, and best value-for-money in Canada.
  • Where To Purchase: Best Priced Yasaka Offset Handle Scissors

Yasaka Traditional Handle Scissor

  • Price between $349 and 600 Per Traditional Pair
  • Sizes 5", 6" and 5.5"
  • Types
  • Steel: ATS314 Cobalt Steel
  • Rating
  • Review "Yasaka has been a reputable brand for Japanese hairdressing equipment in Canada for more than 40 years. Their second most popular hairdressing instrument is the Yasaka Traditional Handle Scissors. They are popular with Canadan veteran hairdressers because they combine classic designs, Japanese steel handles and contemporary ergonomics. The older brothers of the Yasaka Offset Handle Shavers are sharpened by the shape of the blade, which is clam-shaped. We like these 4/5 stars as our choice, but even though we prefer offset ergonomics over the traditional Yasaka, many veteran hairdressers prefer the Yasaka Traditional in Canada.
  • Where to Buy: Top-Priced Yasaka Traditional Handle Scissors

Yasaka Barber Shears

  • Prices from $300 to 600 for a Barber Pair
  • Sizes: 7"
  • Types - Cutting
  • Steel: ATS314 Cobalt Steel
  • Rating
  • Review: "Yasaka brand is popular for more than 40 years in Canada as high quality Japanese haircutting scissors. The Yasaka 7 Inch Barber Shear, their most popular scissor available in Canada for barbering is the 7 Inch Yasaka Barber Shear. It's simple and sleek and has professional ergonomics. The blade is equipped with a Clam-Shaped Convex Edge Blade, which allows for precise cuts, and Japanese tension adjustors which allow for smooth, effortless cutting. These are some of the most admired Japanese Barber shears available in Canada. They are among the highest-rated Japanese Barber shears available in Canada with 5/5 stars.
  • Where to Buy: Top Priced Yasaka Barber Scissors

Yasaka YS Texturising Scissor

  • Prices between 349 and 600 per Barber Pair
  • Sizes: 6"
  • Types - Thinning (16-20, 30 and 40 Teeth).
  • Steel: ATS314 Cobalt Steel
  • Rating
  • Review: "Yasaka brand is popular for more than 40 years in Canada as a high-quality Japanese haircutting scissors. Yasaka YS series offers a large selection of high-quality Japanese hairdressing thinning tools in Canada. The Japanese tension adjustor is able to provide precision, smooth cutting. After conducting tests, we found that 16 Teeth provides an estimated cutaway of 15% as well as 20 Teeth gives a 25% cutaway, 30 Teeth gives an estimated 35% cutaway, and 40 Thigh gives a 50% cutaway. These five stars are awarded to the best Japanese texturising scissors model that is available in Canada. It meets all requirements for hair loss.
  • Where to Purchase: The Best-Priced Yasaka Yasaka YS Thinning Scissors

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