Joewell Scissors

Joewell is reputable international scissor brand that produces hair shears from Japanese Steel.

Famous for their handcrafted design and Joewell Blade, each pair is ergonomically designed for a professional haircutting experience.

“You get what you pay for”, and with Joewell, you get a good ergonomical handle that allows you to cut hair effeciently all day.

Joewell is made for Canadian hairdressers and barbers who are looking for a professional hair scissor with prices starting from $300-400, and going up to $1400.

You can find Joewell stocked and available to buy at the Canada Scissors!

Are Joewell Shears Any Good?

What makes Joewell Shears stand out from the other scissor brands is their handcrafted designs, customer Joewell Blade and lightweight ergonomics.

A lot of other brands like Ichiro Scissors, use modern automated manufacturing techniques to make their scissors high-quality yet affordable.

Joewell follows the traditional process of handcrafting each pair of scissors. That makes each hair scissor from Joewell unique, but the price is always higher.

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