Fuji MoreZ Brand of Hair Scissors in Canada

Fuji MoreZ Scissors Japan makes the finest Japanese Scissors. Made and designed in Japan These are the Top Shelf Premium High-Quality Hairdressing Scissors that are now the standard for quality.

Fuji Scissors Summary

  • Made from Japanese Steel
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 15 years of free sharpening and polishing services
  • Convex Edge Blades
  • Price Range: $500-$2500
  • Sizes 5" to 5.5" Sizes: 5" to 5.5", Sizes: 5" to 5.5"", 6.5", 7" and 7".
  • Models: X Series - GGF - MF GF Lang, VF SF DXGF, DXVF - NL DXF, XG XA and X

If people are asked "What is the most effective Japanese hairdressing scissors brand", then everyone points towards Fuji MORE Z. A group of Japanese traditional sword makers with more than 600 years of experience created the world's most high-end hand-crafted hairdressing tools.

They fit comfortably like no other pair. They require minimal maintenance and sharpening, and will easily last a lifetime. Fuji offers a lifetime warranty and free sharpening for 15 years, meaning they will eventually will pay for their own products.

Fuji Models

Fuji MoreZ has a large collection of models. Fuji is a huge lover of Convex Edge Blades, which are paired with Superior Cobalt Steal (lasts for a life time), smooth ball bearing friction, which gives the smoothest cut motion, offset ergonomics that decrease thumb pressure and cutting fatigue to provide the best possible experience.

Let's take a look at the different versions of Fuji Scissors.

Fuji More Z GGF

  • Price: Between $1000 to 1800 per GGF Pair
  • Sizes 6", 6.5", 7", and 7.5"
  • Types
  • Steel Super Cobalt Alloy
  • Rating
  • Review: "The best Japanese hairdressing scissors brand in Canada is Fuji More Z. The GGF Long Blade is extremely popular among Barbers as they offer a longer 7" or 7.5" inch blade. The professional offset ergonomics are design to reduce fatigue for hair cutting professionals. They are fascinating due to the fact that they feature a degree of "Self Sharpening" that is rare for scissors, so each movement there is an unnoticeable, slight rub that will sharpen. They also have sharp, convex-edged blade that cuts exceptionally sharply. We rate these 5/5 stars for Barbers as they deliver high-quality ergonomics, durability that lasts a lifetime, sharp cuts and rarely require sharpening."
  • Where to Purchase: The Best-Priced Fuji GGF Scissors

Fuji More Z GF

  • Prices: Between $1000 to 1800 per couple
  • Sizes are 5.5", 6",6.5",7" and 7.5".
  • Types - Cutting
  • steel: Super Cobalt Alloy
  • Rating
  • Review: "The best Japanese hairdressing scissors brand in Canada is Fuji More Z. The GF hairdressing scissors are the younger sibling of the GGF. The Fuji shears have an extreme sharpness because of their convex blades. We were able to test the GF 6" shears, however, they were extremely comfortable and looked stunning. Our team members informed us that they were the most durable pair of Fuji shears. These pair of shears from Fuji is great for a long life. We give these scissors 4.5/5 stars.
  • Where To Purchase: Best Priced Fuji GF Scissors

Fuji More Z VF

  • Price Between $1000 and 1600 per VF Pair
  • Sizes: 5.5" and 6"
  • Types Cutting
  • Steel: Super Cobalt Alloy
  • Rating
  • Review: "The best Japanese hairdressing scissors brand available in Canada is Fuji More Z. The VF Fuji Scissors have a semi-offset Crane Handle. They offer exceptional ergonomics for professional barbers and hairdressers, with a crane handle that is comfortable in your hand, and relieves pressure off your thumb and overall less fatigue. These felt light, but held their shape well when held in our hands. This was evident after we practiced a few cuts. The high quality Cobalt Alloy Steel makes these extremely durable and resistant to wear and corrosion. These scissors were rated 4/5 stars as some of the most ergonomic available in Canada by Fuji.
  • Where To Purchase: Top Priced Fuji-VF Scissors

Fuji More Z SF lefty

  • Price - Between $1000 and 1600 Per SF Pair
  • Sizes 5", 5.5", 6" and 6.5"
  • Types - Cutting
  • Steel Super Cobalt Alloy
  • Rating:
  • Review. "Fuji More Z. The most popular Japanese hairdressing cutter brand in Canada. This premium hairdressing manufacturer's flagship lefty shears is the SF Left Handed Fuji Shears. These ergonomic scissors are an excellent choice for any hairdresser looking for Japanese scissors. They are Japanese Steel scissors feature sharp Convex Edges as well as Fuji Tension Adjustors to provide you with the most smooth cutting. They are the top left-hand Japanese hairdressing shears. We rate them 5/5 stars.
  • Where To Get: Most Priced Fuji SF Left Handed Scissors

Fuji More Z DXGF

  • Prices: From $8000 to 1300 per DXGF Pair
  • Sizes 7" and 7.5"
  • Types Cutting
  • Steel Super Cobalt Alloy
  • Rating:
  • Review. "Fuji More Z. The best Japanese hairdressing cutter manufacturer in Canada. DXGF Fuji Shears are notable due to their long length. They are constructed of high quality lightweight steel. The extra length is comparable to the 5.5-inch haircutting saw. According to Fuji staff the barber shears they use are the most durable and chemical resistant. These shears are sharp with convex edges for cutting and smooth motions. We give these shears 4/5 stars and would recommend barbers looking for durable shears with low maintenance.
  • Where can I purchase Best priced Fuji DXGF Scissors

Fuji More Z MF

  • Prices: From $8000 to $1300 Per Pair
  • Sizes 5, 5.5", 6" and 6.5"
  • Types: Cutting
  • steel: Super Cobalt Alloy
  • Rating
  • Review: "The best Japanese hairdressing scissors brand in Canada is Fuji More Z. Fuji More Z's MF Fuji Shears, a versatile hairdressing cutter that can be used for a variety of purposes, is the most popular. They are well-known for their combination of sharp convex edges blades offset ergonomics, and smooth cutting motions with the Fuji Tension Adjustor Screws, high resistance to corrosion and chemical and also high resistance. The MF series has a lower price than the other Fuji Shears. If you're in search of an excellent pair of Fuji Shears in Canada that can be used for hairdressing, you should consider the MF. These scissors get 4.5/5 stars from us because they are affordable, of high quality, and are available in a variety of sizes that are suitable for salons, hairdressers, and barbers in Canada.
  • Where To Get: Best Valued Fuji MF Scissors