Jaguar Scissors

Jaguar is a popular hairdressing scissor and barber shear brand that manufactures high-quality tools from German steel.

Famous for their wide range of different hair cutting, thinning and texturizing scissors, Jaguar is one of the best hairdressing and barbering brands in Canada.

With Jaguar scissors as low as $149, and as high as $1499, they make hair cutting, thinning and texturizing scissors for every situation.

Find out why so many Canadian hairstylists and barbers choose Jaguar Scissors for cutting hair in salons and barbershops!

Jaguar Solingen Scissors are one of the most well-known international barber shears brands and hairdressing scissors made in Germany.

Jaguar Summary

  • Made with German Steel
  • More than 50 models are in the collection
  • Bevel Edge and Convex Edge Blades
  • Price range between $99 and $1,000
  • Sizes: Sizes" - 5.5" Sizes: 5" - 5.5", 6", 6, 6.5" and 7.7" Scissors
  • Models: Jay2, Pre Styleergo & Relax Satin and Pastell Plus

Jaguar is very popular due to its reputable brand, great quality, and affordable prices. Jaguar Solingen produces a lower-priced range of scissors, which are available for purchase between $300 and $99. Jaguar is a favorite option for professional barbers as well as hairdressers due to its variety of sizes (from 5 to 7 inches of shears) to sharp bevel edge blades) and versatility.

Jaguar Models

Jaguar stands out in the Canadan market because of its extensive variety of models. Each model comes in a variety price ranges and styles that will suit different hairdressers and hairstyle professionals. They include Left and right-handed models. convex and bevel edge blades as well as traditional (Opposing) offset (Ergonomic), and crane (Ergonomic), handles, as well as an array of steel that can rival Yasaka, Joewell, and Mizutani.

Let's look at the different Jaguar Scissors collections:

Jay 2

  • Prices: Between 100 and 150 Per Jay2 Paar
  • Sizes : 5.5" and 6.5"
  • Types Cutting, Thinning and Sets
  • Steel - German Stainless Steel
  • Rating
  • Review HTML0 Review "The Jay2 Scissors were great for the money. They are typically used for training, apprenticeships, and backup pairs. They are sharp, however, the Jay2 shears will need to be sharpened frequently by an Canadan Sharpener. The weight of these make them unsuitable for long periods of time. We give the Jay2 scissors a rating of 3.5 percent and we recommend them for use in casual situations.
  • Where to Purchase: The Best-Priced Jaguar Jay2 Scissors


  • Price : Between $150-250 Per Ergo & Relax Couple
  • Sizes 5" to 5.5", 6" or 6.5"
  • Models Pre Style Ergo Pre Style Relax
  • Types - Cutting, Thinning, and Sets
  • Steel: German Stainless Steel
  • Rating: 1/2
  • Review The Pre Style Relax and Ergo Scissors were popular for daily and entry-level use. You can choose from traditional or offset ergonomics. They also come in different sizes to fit hairdressers and barbers. The price is reasonable. They're lightweight and easy to use every day We always recommend them to casual and apprentice hairdressers and barbers. We rate this product 3.5/5 stars. For comfort and ergonomic use, we suggest the Pre Style Ergo Scissors.
  • Where can I purchase Jaguar Pre Style Scissors

White Line

  • Price: Between 150-350 Per White Line Pair
  • Sizes: 5", 5.5", 6" and 6.5"
  • Models: Satin, Satin Plus, Jaguart, JP10 and JP38
  • Types cutting and thinning and Sets
  • Steel - German Stainless Chromium Steel
  • Rating:
  • Review: "The White Line are popular for the Jaguart (Jaguar Art), Satin and Satin Plus Cutting and Thinning hairdressing scissors. The materials used in this is an upgrade from the Pre Style scissors, and the design focuses more on being lightweight, ergonomic and more sharp blades. They are popular with barbers as well as professionals who cut their hair daily. We especially love the Satin Plus and White Line Jaguar Series. We give these a 4/5 star rating for their under $400 price range these are a great price-to-value."
  • Where to Buy: The Best Jaguar White Line Scissors

Silver Line

  • Price: Between $250 to 500 Per Silver Line Pair
  • Sizes : 5", 5.5", 6, and 6.5"
  • Models - Grace, Fame, CJ4+ CJ5, PERFECT, and Concave CSS
  • Types cutting and thinning and Sets
  • Steel German Molybdenum steel
  • Rating
  • Review - "The Silver Line scissors can be used by more experienced hairdressers. The most popular blades used in the Jaguar Silver Line scissors are the Convex Edge blade that is extremely sharp due to Molybdenum steel. They're designed to be suitable to be German haircutting scissors and offer the most value for money. CJ4 Offset scissors are the most popular pair. They will last for several years. The scissors are rated 4/5 star because of their sharp edges and quality steel.
  • Where can I purchase the best price Jaguar Silver Line Scissors

Gold Line

  • Price Between 500 and 800 Per Gold Line Pair
  • Sizes are 5", 5.5", 6, and 6.5".
  • Models Xenox, Silence, Goldwing and Xenox.
  • Types - Cutting, Thinning and Sets
  • Steel: German Vanadium steel
  • Rating 1/2
  • Review: "The Gold Line Scissors are famous for the Diamond and Xenox hair cutting scissors. They are constructed of super-hard Vanadium steel, and feature convex edges that give the most efficient haircut experience for hairdressers and barbers in Canada. If you invest more than $500 on the scissors for hairdressing and you are looking for the best. Hairdressers can make use of the light and offset style of these scissors. We have compared these to the White Line and Silver Line, and at the cost, we can't see any significant differences to the Silver Line. These are our favorite due to the high-quality of the cuts as well as the durable, ergonomic design. However they won't be capable of competing with the Silver Line's high cost.
  • Where To Purchase: Best Valued Jaguar Gold Line Scissors

Black Line

  • Price between $500 and 800 Per Black Line Pair
  • Sizes 5", 5.5", 6" and 6.5"
  • Modells: MC Steel. Synergy Design MC Steel. Euro Tech Design MC Steel.
  • Types - Cutting, Thinning, and Sets
  • Steel: German Vanadium steel
  • Rating
  • Review - "The Black Line Jaguar hairdressing tools are the most popular models Jaguar is known for displaying at hair events. They are a proof of Jaguar's perfection in the field of high-quality hairdressing scissors. They're precise and cut perfectly. They are an art piece and would make you feel guilt-free if you were to use these tools. We give them 4/5 stars because of the price that is high for MC Steel and Euro Tech models. This is the exact specification that the Gold Line should have had with a rough cost of $600-800.
  • Where to buy Best priced Jaguar Black Line Scissors

Jaguar History

Jaguar hairdressing and barber scissors have been available in Canada for more than 30 years. In 2019, the current and only official importer for Jaguar Scissors is Weston Imports in Sydney, NSW. Jaguar Scissors are one of the most commonly found professional shears that can be found in Online and Retail shops all over Canada. Jaguar Solingen is a professional cutting tool maker that has been around since the year 1930. It has gained international recognition since the 1980s, when it began exporting top quality products.

Pre Style Ergo Jay2, White Line Satin Pre Style Relax, Pastell Plus Sugar Viola Liola Satin Plus, Satin Plus Satin Plus Satin Plus Satin Plus, Satin Plus Satin Plus, Satin Plus Satin Plus, and Left Handed Pre Style Hears are the most popular Jaguar-Solingen Germany Shears. Jaguar is the perfect choice for anyone looking to start as a hairdresser or barber.

Your Source for Jaguar Hairdressing Shears

Jaguar is the brand to consider if you're searching for German hair cutting shears for an affordable price that doesn't compromise on quality. Scissor Hub carries the best selection Jaguar scissors. For years, Scissor Hub was Canada's most trusted supplier of German haircut scissors.

Are Jaguar Shears Good?

Yes. Absolutely! German-made hair-cutting shears come with blades that are long-lastingly sharp and hard. They are German shears are popular due to their durability and razor-sharp cuts.

What is the significance of Ergonomic Design Important?

After a long time standing up and cutting hair, you may feel tension in your neck, arms, and back. Professional hair cutting scissors are ergonomically designed to keep the arms, neck, and shoulder muscles relaxed when cutting. This provides each hair stylist a more enjoyable experience.

Tips for Cleaning Your Jaguar Scissors

It is possible to treat your scissors as if they were your own. It is important that you keep taking good care of your scissors, take care of them with respect and maintain them in a clean and tidy manner even when they are no longer new.

Jaguar scissors are less expensive than German brand, but they're still an investment that will last many years when they are properly cared for. It is essential to keep your Jaguar scissors clean between cuts, even on the busiest days. The sharpness of your scissors will last and longer if you use an absorbent cloth to get rid of hair and products.

Daily oil can help preserve your Jaguar shears

Oiling hair cutting scissors should be done weekly or perhaps monthly, according to some. We found out that you could apply a small amount of hair cutting oil to clean the blades and avoid buildup.

Doing this additional step at the every day's end will help you ensure that your scissors are sharp and cut to perfection.

Protect Your Jaguar Scissors!

There are a few things you can do to safeguard your scissors and ensure they are cutting at their very best. The first and most obvious is to be gentle with them. It is important to treat them with respect and avoid throwing them around. If you throw them onto the counter, the knives could be out of alignment and prevent the knives from cutting straight.

It is also essential to keep them in a separate case separate from other tools and cutting instruments to avoid them getting damaged or smashed by other tools.

Jaguar Scissors, Bringing You the Best

Your shears will be a valuable tool to have in your toolbox whether you're a hairdresser or barber. Scissor Hub recognizes this and only sells brands that our customers appreciate. Get your perfect haircut today and order your new set of Jaguar scissors! You and your clients are sure to be satisfied for a long time.

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