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Find the best haircutting and thinning shears in Canada for your salon or barbershop! Professional hairdressing scissors for sale.

Hair Scissors Canada

Buying the right pair of professional hair scissors for your salon or barbershop can be challenging! Canada Scissors makes the shopping experience for hairdressing shears easy with our premium collection of haircutting and thinning shears. 7-day easy return policy gives you confidence when buying online to exchange or return if they don't suit your needs. Find the best prices and sales for hairdressing scissors in Canada!

Canadian Hair Scissors For Hairdressers & Barbers

Canadian hairdressers, barbers and hairstylists choose the best hair cutting scissor brands for their everyday work. A reliable pair of scissors allows you to perform at your best in the salon or barbershop

Canada Scissors brings together a great selection of professional scissors for cutting, thinning and texturizing your client's hair.

What are hairdressing scissors & barber shears?

What type of hair scissors do the best hairdressers and barbers use?

Are hair scissors any different than regular scissors?

There have never been so many different types of hairdressing scissors available in Canada until today!

You can find the best quality hair scissors online with awesome sale prices that make each purchase better than the last.

Professional hairdressing scissors are around 5.5" or 6.0" in size, are made from a specific type of scissor cutting steel. Read more about Canadian scissor steel types here.

No hair scissor is perfect and they require regular sharpening. If you are cutting hair once a month at home, you might not need to sharpen your scissors for a few years. If you are cutting hair at a salon, hairdressers or barbershop, you may need to use a sharpening service every 3 to 6 months.

Choosing The Best Canadian Scissors

There have never been so many types, models, and different brands of hairdressing scissors in Canada, so how can you make the right choice?

When shopping for a new pair of hair scissors for the salon or barbershop, you need to look out for these features to help you get the best product:

  • Choose a trusted professional hair scissor brand
  • Ergonomic offset scissor handles
  • Higher-quality Japanese or German steel (440C, VG10, Hitachi, Chromium, etc.)
  • The best scissor store has a 7-day easy return or exchange policy

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Where Can You Buy Hairdressing Scissors In Canada?

Whether you live in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal or somewhere else, you can buy hair scissors locally or online.

The benefits of buying hairdressing scissors and barber shears online is that you get the best price available for popular scissor brands.

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Buying online has never been safer with 7-day no questions asked returns and exchanges. If you need to change the size or style, you have a few days to try and then easily return and exchange them.

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