Japanese VS German Scissors in Canada

Japan and Germany are the two most popular hairdressing scissors brands in Canada. You will find many brands such as Jaguar, Yasaka and Juntetsu when searching for new hair cutting shears. These are usually made in Germany or Japan. What are the top hairdressing scissors brands in Canada?

These Japanese and German hairdressing scissors are distinguished by their superior quality steel. They have the best cuts and have the least imperfections. Professional hairdressers and barbers look to Japanese or German shears to find the best quality and longest lasting products.

Things to consider when buying Japanese or German hair cutting scissors

There are many things you should consider when buying a new set hair cutting scissors. Before you make your decision about whether to purchase Japanese or German hair cutting tools, there are some other things you should consider.

These are some things to consider...

1. Higher price isn't always best.

You shouldn't buy scissors because they are expensive or you believe they are better quality. Before you assume that you are buying the best, make sure to check out reviews and look at the company. You don't have to buy cheap scissors if you want to save money. High quality scissors are essential for a hairdresser!

You won't need to replace or service your quality hair cutting scissors as often if they are high quality. However, the best price doesn't always mean the best.

2. 2.

You should also consider how you use your scissors, and which style is best for you. A shear that produces a smooth texture is best for those who do a lot with point cutting. You can also search for a shear that provides seamless blending to save you time and avoid having to fix what your other scissors cannot do.

Different types of hair-cutting scissors produce different results. It is important that you choose the one that best suits your style.

3. Before you buy a blade, make sure to do some research.

Different types of blades produce different kinds of cuts. To determine which blade type is best for you, it is important to examine the various blade types.

Take care of your Japanese or German shears

It doesn't matter if you buy Japanese or German hair cutting scissors, it is essential to properly store and maintain them to preserve their sharpness and extend their shelf life. To remove any excess hair, rinse them with soapy water and clean it daily.

Also, it is important to dry them thoroughly before you store them.

You want to make sure your hair cutting shears work well. You must take care of them. This means that you don't throw them on a tray, or put them in your toolbox.

Your scissors will stay sharper longer if you handle them gently.

To ensure your scissors work at their best, it is essential to keep them well-oiled. You can keep your scissors moving smoothly by applying a little oil to the screw area once every two months.

Japanese Hairdressing Scissors

Japanese shears are the best choice for professional hairdressers in Canada. Japanese scissors are recommended for professionals, regardless of whether you're a barber or a salon hairdresser.

History of Japanese Hairdressing Scissors

Since the 1960s, Japanese hairdressing scissors have been a leader in the international hair industry. The US President Ronald Reagan awarded Hikari Scissors Japan an international business award in 1960 for its high-quality products. Hikari Japan also invested in the Convex edge blade, which is so beloved by high-end hairdressing scissors.

Japanese hairdressers were the first to advocate for offset ergonomics to reduce fatigue due to long hours and repetitive strain injuries that occur in the workplace.

The standard for hair cutting tools in Canada was established by Japanese hairdressing scissors since the 1980s. Professionals were known to spend over $1000 on a pair Japanese hair cutting shears, which have a expected lifespan of 20+ years.

Japanese Shears are the Best!

Why would anyone want to buy Japanese hair scissors? Sarah from Hair Beauty Paradise shared her thoughts on the matter.

The tools she uses are only as good as the hairdresser. Just like my shoes, if I purchase a cheap pair of scissors, I will end up replacing them within a year. Because I don't have to replace them or sharpen them as frequently as my training scissors, I save money on Japanese scissors.

Japanese Hairdressing Scissors: The Benefits

These are of higher quality and are highly recommended. However, they also come at a high price. Let's look at the top hairdressing scissors in Canada from Japan for cutting hair.

  • Strong and resistive to chemicals, corrosion, and general wear and tear
  • They require very little maintenance and can be sharpened with minimal effort due to their hardened steel and extreme sharpness.
  • With the lightweight and ergonomic design, there is less chance of repetitive strain injury and fatigue.
  • Sharp hair cutting motions using the Japanese convex edge blade with high-quality tension adjustors
  • You can save money by not replacing them

    What steel does Japanese hairdressing scissors use?

    High quality Japanese hair-cutting scissors are very popular because of their high quality steel. This is also why low quality scissors from other countries like Ukraine, Pakistan and Ukraine are not as popular. Let's look at some Japanese hairdressing uses for steel:

  • Hitachi ATS 314 (Level 6, Highest Quality)
  • Hitachi 440c (Level 5) - Highest Quality
  • V10 (VG10) (Level 4, High Quality)
  • V1 (VG1) (Level 3, High Quality)
  • 440C (Level 2 Standard Quality)
  • 440A (Level 1 Standard Quality)

Hitachi steel is a well-known steel manufacturer. This is why you'll find high-end brands such as Fuji MoreZ Yasaka Hikari, Yasaka and Yasaka made from Hitachi steel. This steel is used by many other brands. You can trust that international brands will use the same steel. However, if the product is made in Japan, you can rest assured that they are using the highest quality hair cutting scissors.

Which Japanese hairdressing scissors brand is best?

It's worth looking at the top brands in Canada to see the differences between the Japanese and Canadan hair cutting scissors.

German Hairdressing Scissors

Professional hairdressers and casual stylists alike turn to German Scissors for the best hairdressing tools in Canada. Germany is the global market leader in hair cutting scissors. These scissors are very popular due to their European design and unique edge blades.

History of German Hairdressing Scissors

Since the 1930s, German hairdressing scissors are very popular in Europe. Jaguar Solingen is the most famous and cost-effective manufacturer of hairdressing scissors. German Scissor Manufacturers were founded in 1960 to distribute their products internationally to hairdressers and barbers. They also make attractive designs that appeal to international markets.

German city of Solingen is also known as "City of Blades" and home to the highest quality European hairdressing scissors manufacturers. Many well-known German hair cutting shears producers are from the same area and distribute hair scissors worldwide.

German Shears are the Best

Professional hairdressers and barbers would be interested in purchasing a pair German hairdressing scissors. This was discussed with Michael, a Sydney barber.

During my apprenticeship, I was very happy with the Jaguar Pre Style Ergo scissor blades. A pair that worked well for five years was less than $200. Jaguar Germany shears are the only brand I trust.

German Hairdressing Scissors: The Benefits

We know that German hairdressing scissors are made of high-quality steel. This is similar to Japanese Scissors. Let's look at some of the advantages of purchasing a pair Jaguar Germany scissors.

  • Pairs starting at $100 - Affordable Prices
  • Colors, styles and aesthetic designs that stand out
  • Modern ergonomic designs are used to prevent RSI injuries and fatigue.
  • Blades with a bevel edge catch hairs as they close

What steel does the German hairdressing scissors use?

High quality steel is the main reason people choose to use German hairdressing scissors. Because we are all familiar with BMW and Audi, many people associate the German hairdressing scissors, such as Jaguar Solingen with precision and quality. Let's take a look at the different steel types used by German hair-cutting scissors:

  • MC Micro Carbide steel (Level 5 - Highest Quality
  • Molybdenum Steel (Level 4 – High Quality)
  • Stainless chromium Steel (Level 2 - Excellent Quality)

Are Japanese or German Scissors Better?

We discussed the best hairdressing scissors for Canada with multiple hairdressers and barbers. We discovered that Jaguar Solingen is the best German Shear manufacturer, while Fuji MoreZ and Yasaka are the most well-known Japanese brands.

What is the best hair-cutting brand in Canada? Although it's difficult to say for certain, we would place it between Jaguar Solingen (Germany) and Yasaka Seiki(Japan). People aren't spending as much on hairdressing scissors than they used to. Hairdressers used to pay $1500 for one pair of shears. But, in 2019, they expect to spend $300-600 on high-quality scissors.

Our Top 5 Best Japanese Hairdressing Scissors

Yamato Royal Japan

Fuji Z Japan

Yasaka Offset-Handled Scissors

Yasaka BarberShear

Hikari ECC50 Scissors Japan

Our Top 5 Best German Hairdressing Scissors

Jaguar Jay2 Scissors Japan

Jaguar Pre Style Ergo Scissors Japan

Jaguar Satin Scissors Japan

Jaguar Satin Thinning Scissors Japan

Jaguar Art (Jaguart). Mystic Rose Scissors Japan